Stadea SWP101K Stone Wet Polisher - Variable Speed Polisher Grinder For Concrete Countertop Stone Wet Polishing

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Manufacturer Description

The Stadea SWP101K, 5 Inch DTM+ Wet Stone Polisher for concrete countertop stone fabrication designed for ease of use, power, control and durability.

Designed For Excellence
Features robust DTM+ Motor Gear System to ensure the optimal speed and power needed for stone wet or dry polishing, fabrication.
Head Heavy Polisher Design together with out of core back-handle design minimizes back hand work fatigue and increase pressure on polishing surface of granite concrete.
Improved Grip-Size Out of Core Ergonomic Back Handle design minimizes back hand fatigue during usage. New comfortable back hand grip from classic oversize main body hand-grip across air vents. It eliminates air-vent hand blockage improving motor performance and durability.

Electrical Safety
GFCI - Cuts off electricity on hazardous electrical shock
Double Insulation - Enhanced electrical safety

Ease Of Use
Under Water Feed - Minimizes polishing interference
Water Pressure Control & Water Stopper
In-built water quick-connect from water hose
Three-hole water sprayer for even water distribution to unclogs cut particles
Water Splash Guard - Splash guard to control water spill, Vacuum connector minimizes dust during dry polishing
Arbor Lock Button - For tool free release of accesories from the polisher arbor
Power Lock Switch - One push lock for effortless continuous run
Variable Speed Dial - Adjusts speed to specific application for specific stone wet or dry polishing
Ergonomic designed handle - For comfortable grip and best polishing performance
Dual Front Handle - Top D-Handle for stone fabrication, General purpose Side handle
Ambidextrous Side Handle - left right handed use
Long Power Cord, Long Water Line - For easy access to long countertops
Supports Upto 5" Pads - Compatible up to 5" tools
Soft Start - For comfortable feel
5/8" 11 Arbor

Product Features

Stadea 5" Wet Stone Polisher with DTM+ motor gear system features enhanced power and optimal speed required for stone concrete wet polishing or dry polishing; Variable dial control to match speed of either stone polishing process Ergonomic grip-size, long, out of core, soft back handle design transfers minimal polisher weight to back handle minimizing back hand fatigue and this along with the innovative head heavy polisher design together transfers machine weight on the stone concrete polishing surface to increase polishing pressure naturally aiding enhanced polishing performance, and minimizes back hand fatigue; Out of body back handle eliminates air vent hand blockage increasing motor performance and durability In-built water quick-connect to standard water hose, Water pressure control, Water Stopper, Extra-long water line, under-polisher water flow line does not interfere with polisher handling during usage, three-hole 120 degree water hole for even water distribution Arbor lock for easy release of tool accessories, Soft-start, Polisher power start one-push lock switch for easy continuous use, splash guard with vacuum connector to easier water and dust control, Dual handle support to easily meet specific use cases, Top D-handle must for stone polishing, ambidextrous side handle for easy multi-purpose use, ergonomic easy back handle Class-A GFCI for enhanced electrical safety to safeguard hazardous electrical shock, Double-insulation motor, Extra-long 12 feet industrial grade electrical cable

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