Portable Sand Blaster, Media Blasting Nozzle Gun, Gravity Feed Sandblast Gun, Crafts, DIY, Glass & Mirror Etching Tool with Extra Tip (blue).

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Manufacturer Description

The applications are endless:

Some applications include:
Remove rust, dust, oil and paint from Iron, Steel, and other types of metals.
Clean dirty grout, tile, window frames, car or bicycle tires.
Strip yard ornament. Refinish rifle barrel.
Etch glass, flagstone and wood.

What kind of air compressor should be used?

• Our Sandblaster's Average Air Consumption is 7 SCFM. Ideal working pressure is 90 PSI.

• We recommend any compressor that has at least a 1.5-2.0 gallon air holding capacity with a min 2.5 HP motor.

• Our Sandblaster can operate under 60-100 PSI with up to 12 CFM.

Functional with many types of media

The KTFAB Sandblaster gun accepts almost any blasting media imaginable including, but not limited to:
aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, baking soda, crushed walnut shell, steel grit, glass beads, garnet, plastic grit
(Application Abrasives Size: 46# -100#)

Suggestions and Tips:

• Please remember to wear safety goggles and gloves before using our sandblaster at all times.

• Make sure the media you use is dry.

• We recommend using a filter to keep the air dry coming into the sandblaster.

• We recommend using a compressor air regulator to control the amount of air flow going in.

• If you use it for glass etching, we do advise you practice on something you are not too worried about first, because glass etching takes some practice and skill to get down.

• Start using our KTFAB sandblaster gun now to bring new life to your possessions!

Product Features

TRUST UBIQUITOUS COMPANY: As the Only dealer for Lematec Co. we are the only supplier offering the Lematec Gravity Feed Sand BLOWER.. Please be worry of fake products sold by non-representative sellers.. We stand behind our tools with a complete life-time replacement warranty, please check out our 100% customer feedback rating. THE APPLICATIONS ARE ENDLESS WITH THE LEMATEC PRESSURE SANDBLASTER GUN: Renew, Refresh, Revive, Recycle, Re-Finish saving you money and environment. The Lematec Gravity Fed Sand blaster is the one air tool built for versatility. Some applications include but not limited to: Removing rust from Iron, glass & mirror etching, Steel, and all types of metals, Etching flagstone, clean dirty grout and tile, glass etching and so on. Start bringing new life to your possessions. FULLY ADJUSTABLE CONTROL VALVE: Let's you automate media flow precisely through the gravity feed sand blaster. Gravity forces the particles into a hardened steel mixing chamber where they are projected through the replaceable steel nozzle. Have control over your sandblasting job with this easy to use speed blower. FUNCTIONAL WITH MANY TYPES OF MEDIA: The Lematec Gravity Feed Sand blower Portable Sandblasting gun is versatile accepting almost any blasting media imaginable including but not limited to: Sand up to 100#, " silicon carbide " baking soda, Aluminum Oxide, Glass, Crushed Walnut Shell, etc..... Choose your media for the desired job and get to blasting! SO WHAT AIR COMPRESSORS WORK WITH MY SPEED BLOWER? We recommend any compressor that has at least a 1.5-2.0 gallon air holding capacity with a min 2.5 HP motor. It should be able to handle at least 60 PSI operating pressure. Our Gravity Feed Sand Blower can operate from 60 - 100 PSI but optimal is 90-125 PSI with 12 CFM. It features an 18oz media container.

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